Wrong Wonderland – Fantasy 3D

2017 National favorite MMO action hand tour officially in the AppStore – Wrong Wonderland – Fantasy 3D

End of the quality of building, conscience MMO action hand tour “collapse fairyland” with massive benefits struck. Any of the first red that is extremely Hyun Guangwu! 2 days to send high-level “peerless war spirit”! 4 days to send out the title! 7 days to send high-level “peerless spirit pattern” and high war fairy beast! More every day red bag rain ingot Hao Li send non-stop!

Introduction ] classic 3D ARPG hand tour – “collapse of fairyland” heavy descent, carrying chivalrous heart, heritage of the right path of the blog. The More days to ride pet, the ancient magic edge, mysterious fairy to accompany you to break the blood of the Xian Xia world. Repair inheritance ancient treasure, inheritance strong secret, experience more blood of the fighting. Battlefield, passion, scramble for BOSS, bloodthirsty wins the first prize. All kinds of play, endless, re-experience that love put it down the classic. Here, you can one sword, swim among the three realms, you can also build camps, crown the world. These, you can choose their own, let us bloody battle, battle sword of the top of the group it

[Game features]
1, cross-service unlimited PK
cross service unlimited PK, million people with the screen battle, the most cool PK, together with the three circles!
2, the limit section of war Once upon a time
or one’s own power to break the layers of the level, or call friends together to overcome the mound Ming off!
3, the world boss free to grab
thousands of people with the screen ravaged the world boss, rare props with huge output, combat power index growth!
4, cool appearance for non-stop
mass with, Variety modeling, civilians can show my style!
5, live social voice chat with the
phone to shake the sister, live voice online chat!

[Conscience and Welfare]
every day to send free treasure, magic riding pet up non-stop!
Investment upgrade high return, the cumulative income of 100 times!
Fast leveling rush to wear God, rare wings mad child BOSS!
Open service seven days to send wild, million yuan red limit when delivery!
Cross service quarrex title, glory plus full service unique!

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